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I nearly killed my child for a R20 voucher, lady explain after finding her son chewing voucher slip


Gambling has become part of our lives nowadays, unemployed youth and those who are employed are spending much of their time on their cellphones betting to make quick cash. A lady on social media made people laugh few hours ago after sharing how she nearly killed her only son for a voucher he chewed.

She explained that she went to the kitchen only to come back to a horror, on the comments section she stated that she used her last money to take chances. Unfortunately she forgot to load the by voucher and headed to the kitchen. As she comes back her baby was already messing up with their voucher. The fact that she wasn't ready for that, he explained how she felt the heat coming out of her ears. I nearly did what would have taken me to prison, she said. Hopefully I realized that the digits are still visible to load onto my account.

This time of playing bet games online is taking a tall, everyone is doing it. Sad part is some people are losing fortunes because of this games. Do not forget to like share and follow more content.

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