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Sh0cking: Mother sold her baby because she could not afford rent and this happened afterwards


As we all know, that there are some things that are happening in this world. Some are strange, and some are unheard of. People do things today that are just a shocker to the whole world. Every day these days has got its own drama and unusual things going on.

It has been revealed that there is a woman by the name of Mercy Okon who is in her early 20s who was a mother of one. She decided to sell her baby. It is revealed that the reason she thought of doing such a thing was that she could not afford to pay rent money so she thought of selling her baby.

She revealed that the father of the baby left her when she was only 6 months pregnant and then she was offered 150 000 nairas as a payment for her baby, and she could not resist it as she was in need of money.

But what happened is that, as she was on her way to finalize the deal and hand over the baby, the police got involved in the matter and she was then arrested.

My thoughts on this matter is that the woman was not in her right state of mind. Looking at how mothers act concerning their children because of the pain they feel during childbirth, this one was not in the right state of mind because she failed to comprehend that.

What do you think as a reader? Would you say that the woman indeed had no other choice but to sell her baby to people? What are your thoughts about this, as a reader?

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