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Why Your Child Gets Cranky When They Go From Being Sleepy To Over-tired

Here's how kids '' transition from 'sleep' to 'fatigue' to 'overwork' and how it affects sleep

 Childhood Insomnia and Sleep Disorders -

 1.SLEEPY - As a teenager's body approaches bedtime, they begin to slow down, stop zoneing, and lose interest in toys. These are the first signs of fatigue, and placing the baby at this time will help him fall asleep more easily and stay longer.

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 2. Fatigue - If the first signs of fatigue are ignored, the baby may start yawning, wheezing, crying, screaming or constantly waking up. These are all signs of fatigue later, and are nearing the end of the sleep window.

 Reasons why your child does not sleep and how to help them fall asleep

 If you put the baby to bed right now, he may be disturbed / disturbed a little longer before bedtime, and may wake up much earlier during sleep (but a person who is calm should be able to get himself back to sleep).

 3. Excessive Fatigue - If the symptoms of late fatigue are ignored and / or the young person relies on too much propaganda to fall asleep, he or she will now be in a state of exhaustion and will be able to sleep. Stress chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline enter the baby's bloodstream at this stage.

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 These hormones are commonly called "fight or flight" hormones because they increase your awareness, speed up your heart rate, increase blood pressure and create muscle tension.

 Despite physical exhaustion, the child's mind is alert. Stretched or disturbed, and ready to flee or to fight.

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 Infants and young children, unlike adults, become more active when they are overworked. He may fight or fall asleep before bedtime or face a lot of resistance before going to bed, just to get less than 30 minutes of sleep.


 Chronic Obesity - A child who sleeps less than the required time may be 'chronic fatigue'. This indicates that the young person is experiencing sleep deprivation due to insufficient sleep for days and weeks and is showing signs of insomnia.

 Five Signs Your Child Is Excessive Fatigue - Sleep Disorder Program by Dana Obleman

 A child with chronic fatigue can easily wake up with even a little noise (doorbell, ringing, people talking, etc.). And there are often difficult and stressful expressions to smile and / or engage in eye contact.

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 Chronic fatigue has a devastating effect on our children, including developmental delays, obesity, mood swings, anxiety, learning and attention deficits, stress control issues, depression, and more.

 Let's prioritize good sleep and try to give our children the rest they need!

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