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R720 child support grant condition - see if you will get R720 grant per month


SASSA has revealed that there is a criteria of mothers who will be receiving R720 extended child support grant.

It has been everyone's cry, every mother's cry that the grant has to be increased. Because growing a child is not fun and games. They need clothes to wear, they need food to eat, and also money to buy some food at school, even though it is not a necessity.

All the above mentioned things need money, but can a mere R480 cover all the expenses? The answer is obvious, it cannot.

SASSA on Twitter: ""As soon as the amended regulations to the Social Assistance Act of 2004 are published in the next few days, SASSA will be in a position to provide the extended child support grant of R720 per child per month to relatives who are caring for orphaned children."" / Twitter

But the painful fact is that only those mother's taking care of orphaned children will get this kind of amount monthly. It is not meant for every mother out there. But it would have been great if it was meant for every mother, because it was going to help in the good upbringing of children.

What is your take on this matter? What do you think about the extend only for those taking care of orphaned children?

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