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Mum takes identical picture of her daughter on first day of school every day for 10 years - See Why

A mother is so proud of her daughter that she has taken a photo of her every year on the first day of school for the past ten years.

She has a picture of her daughter Chloe, 14, in the same position outside her house since she was four years old, says her mother, Dagny Barnett.

As for the mother's requirements for her now-teenage daughter's annual photo, she says she is "very picky." As is customary for the family, the start of the new school year coincided with Chlo's preparations for her GCSE exams as a Year 10 student.

Having a "lovely" daughter after a seven-year journey, which included seven rounds of IVF, gives Dagny a great lot of joy. It's like she has a photo album recording Chlo's growth from being a fat kid to a mature adolescent.

"It's great to see how much she's changed each year," Dagny remarked.

"She's gone from a really chubby-cheeked nursery child to a grown-up girl," says her father of the transformation.

Dagny, a stay-at-home mother, has specific guidelines for how her daughter, Chloe, must stand outside their Redhill, Surrey, home - side-on, smiling, and in school uniform.

Images from Chloe's early years are shown in the first collection, which spans from her time in nursery through her time in Year 6, while pictures of her in her red blazer from high school are included in the second collection.

She said: "Chloe likes the photographs now that she's 14 and doesn't have to go through the stress of mother shouting ‘put your leg forward' or ‘place the correct leg!'" Dagny agreed.

This brings back wonderful memories of her junior high school years to see the old photos.

Dagny's pictures surfaced just days after British parents returned their children to the United Kingdom for the start of the school year.

A mother and father described the additional time and work it took to get their quadruplet children ready for school, including getting them dressed in different uniforms.

Parents have given their adorable children personalised backpacks and hair bows in a variety of colours to make them easier for instructors to spot.

Carla Crozier, 39, had meticulously planned her family's morning schedule so that her four children and seven-year-old sister Darcie would be at the school gates by 8:30 a.m.

Everything had to be put on pause, however, since Covid-19 was found in Isla, Milla, Alyse, and Darcie.

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