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Parenting: The Prodigal Son and His Father

The dad in this illustration showed all of his personality when his more youthful child requested his portion of his legacy before it was expected. Helps me to remember the sacred writing "Ask and you will get." He never attempted to prevent his child from taking off. If he acted in a controlling manner by telling him "You are not going anywhere." That would be somewhat similar to an orchestrated marriage where one is compelled to wed somebody they may not like. 

So the more youthful child sold up his portion of the property and went to a distant land where he wasted his cash in wild living. He wound up working among the pig and it was while she was there that he woke up. We now and then need to wind up in a sorry situation with the end goal for us to wake up. 

So the more youthful child set out for home and when he was as yet far off the dad remembered him, and ran towards him, kissed him on the cheek and said to one of his workers, fast put a few shoes on his feet, a silver ring on his finger, but the best robe on him, and kill the best calf for we have cause to celebrate, for my child was dead and presently he is alive, he was lost and presently he has been found. 

Notice how the dad never censured his child. He showed genuine love toward his child and didn't pass judgment on him on his past careless activities. He additionally gave what was ideal to his child. "The best calf and the best robe. What father doesn't need what is best for his kids? 

So the blowout was in progress when the more established child rolled in from the fields and shouted to one of the worker's "what do music and moving mean?" The more seasoned sibling after catching wind of the justification behind the festival got extremely upset since he had been working a mind-blowing entirety and he never got such an extravagant party as this. 

The dad reacted, "We needed to praise the child for your sibling was lost and presently he is found, he is dead and presently he is alive." That educates you regarding the personality of the dad. Neither one of the children had his person. The two of them trespassed in their peculiar yet the dad was ready to forgive and never look back so does that not enlighten you concerning his person? I think if God decided for you similarly as you judge others would you be OK with that.

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