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Uses of Baby Powder You Probably Didn't Know

Are you one of those people who thinks baby powder is only for newborns and sweaty feet? You do not know what you are missing out on. This article will teach you some creative uses of corn starch baby powder that you may not have encountered. Check them out below:

 1. It is easy to loosen your neck brace.

 All you need to do is spray the powder lightly on the nape of your neck and then gently massage the knot between your fingers and thumb.

 2. Remove oil stains from your clothes

 Thoroughly apply a small amount of flour on both sides of the cloth to remove the stains on your clothes, lubricate with oil, and allow the flour to absorb the oil for about an hour. . Finally you need to wash the fabric and then dry it in the shade.

 3. It rejuvenates your leather jacket.

 All you need to do to make your skin look fresh and fresh is to apply a small amount of powder on the garment and then rub it on a soft microfiber cloth.

 4. Renew your sheets

 Spraying a small amount of baby powder in the middle of your bed will give you a fresh, calming and relaxing scent to help you fall asleep.

 5. Remove sand from your feet and shoes

 All you need to do to have a sticky sand on the beach is to spray cornstarch on the sand.

 The baby powder will remove moisture from your skin and the sand will fall off immediately.

 6. Use as a dry shampoo

 If you do not have time to take a shower and your hair is oily and oily, use this method.

 Sprinkle some baby powder on your hair, wrap it around your roots and scalp and then wash it off until the powder appears. By using this method you can avoid washing your hair every day, which makes it healthier.

 7. Add volume to your lashes

 After applying your first mascara coat, use a Q-tip or brush to add a light layer of powder to the lashes. Finish with the second mascara app. This technique will make your lashes look longer and longer.

 8. neutralizes pet urine

 Another interesting use of baby powder is to help remove pet odors from your carpet and furniture. All you need to do is spray the powder on the dirty area and wait for about an hour before thoroughly cleaning to remove urine and odors.

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