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Reports: She packs her lunch like this, after what happened with her mother, see below

(Source: - @MissThandoN)

If you're working, you're mostly advised to pack your lunch just the way you like it, because you might not enjoy grabbing something on the go. Also, it's just a wonderful tool of saving money when you pack your own lunch. If you're watching your weight and don't want to buy something at the canteen or nearby shopping center then it's ideal to prepare lunch at home. However, there might be issues that you might come across, especially if you're not living alone. It can be the lunch ingredients getting misused, not having enough food to prep your lunch, even being criticised for wasting food, etc.

Now, a Twitter user has decided to showcase her side of the story when it comes to preparing lunch. In most cases, people use lunch boxes for their food that they'll eat at work. Then what happens if you have an altercation with your parent about the use of her Tupperware. As we all know that most mothers would give you lectures when it comes to their Tupperware as it doesn't come cheap. Now, Thando found herself carrying rice with mixed vegetables and meat in a clear plastic. As she said that her mother won allow her to use the Tupperware after they had a fallout. "Saxabaniswa yi Tupperware, so this is how I get iskaftin now," wrote @MissThandoN on Twitter.

Oh well, the parents will always make a plan as they know that their kids can be negligent in a way that they break or even lose Tupperware. Hence, Thando will have to eat from plastics until they resolve this issue. Or better yet she can buy another lunchbox.

"😂 I forsee this in my near future, wife is done talking about me and her Tupperware... I can't even explain where it went coz nami angazi," said @moh_winston on Twitter.

"U must bring container next time, Tupperware is expensive and niyalahla Nina," said @MhlongoTukie on Twitter.

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