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My son is growing Swarts on the face what can I do he is only 11years old


A lady shared unexpected image of her son who just developed unusual condition on his face. She shared that her son started to develop swarts on the face. This come after he removed one which he thought it was just a pimple. Since then the condition started attacking his whole face.

She revealed that they were given medication to cure the condition. But that didn't help after few weeks the swarts became worse. Her concern started after seeing how serious the condition is getting. Looking at the age of her son, she went straight on social for recommendations on what to use before he starts losing self confidence.

Although the condition is rare her son showed rapid growth soon after taking action. Could this mean witchcraft or it is normal to develop such condition on the face. Leave your comments and share the article. This could happen to anyone in your family. Your views are highly appreciated Danko.

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