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Approved but no payday? Here Is what to do.

We are by and large cautious that being a parent while jobless can be an annoying and overpowering experience for specific guardians.

We are residing in a period where things are winding up being progressively costly, and watchmen are becoming barren because of the shortage of work openings. South Africans are lucky in that they can get social freebees for their adolescents.

It turns out to be more clear when you understand that you are getting government help, as the public power pays R450.00 to every kid. That total adds to the getting of some apparel, food, and different fundamentals for the family.

Hey sassa

Im extremely troubled with respect to my SRD being declined. I pursued and as yet sitting tight for a result. Justification for this result is Elective pay, and that is not the situation.

The last time I had a pay were back in 2019 when I recieved my UIF benefits. You all can't do this to individuals.

At the point when I call the tollfree hotline there is no reply. What's happening? I mean individuals rely upon those R350s.

What is elective saurce of pay since August?i have zero in my bank balance yet u say I have pay hunger is killing me yet its alright sick stay with my vote and search for a task take a hike 350.

Much obliged to you Sassa for paying the 350 to a few of us as you guaranteed. We trust you pay those you erroneously declined who should recieve the award.

SASSA pay individuals' ie citizens their award on the 25th of every month quit moving the goal lines it's a dam sin, charge orders and so forth should be payed at the very latest month end.

you the legislators thought's in any case, presently you drawing around 5 days additional premium on the least fortunate of the helpless' cash, disgrace on you, trust you get removed.


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