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Pregnancy period

What Is a Toothpaste Pregnancy Test and Does It Work?


You don't automatically get to pay money for pregnancy tests every single one the time while you odd to be pregnant. recall to custom the head urine of the day.

1. ​Toothpaste pregnancy test - Get a ashen incisor paste, in that case add up two tablespoons of the toothpaste in a container. attach your urine to it. must the toothpaste cash its colour and befit frothy, at that time you are pregnant.

2. ​Vinegar pregnancy test - Add two tablespoons of colorless vinegar in a forced container. Pour your urine to it and mingle properly. must the vinegar revolution its colour and produce bubbles, you are pregnant.

3. ​Baking beverage pregnancy - Mix two tablespoons of baking pick-me-up and enlarge two tablespoons of urine. If you spot bubbles, afterward you are pregnant.

4. saline pregnancy test - Mix urine and salted in on a par parts. present it a minute. If the saline forms a smooth fair clomp of sorts, it instrument a helpful result.

5. honey pregnancy test - Mix one tablespoon of darling in a bowl with one tablespoon of urine. If the baby starts forming clumps, it earnings you are pregnant. 

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