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Pregnancy period

Pregnant woman whom thought she’s going to give birth to twins got surprised by her doctor instead.


It has been revealed that there is a woman named Alexandra Kenova, who for 23 years believed she knew where her life was going and had a loving husband because of it. He married her and they had a happy life together, but she had no idea what was in store for her. 

According to legend, she became pregnant and mistookly assumed she was carrying twins due to the size of her belly. But what surprised her was that her stomach continued to grow every day, leading her to believe that it was an illness or that the kids had died. 

So her husband drove her to the doctor, who scanned her and discovered that she was carrying more than two. What surprised them was that the ultra scan first indicated that they were expecting twins, but now it indicates that there are more than two. 

And it was revealed that this was not her first pregnancy, and that her first pregnancy resulted in twins, but that now that her belly is bigger than it was before, they are afraid, and the doctor informs them that they will have five babies at once, which shakes them but there is nothing they can do. 

As time passed, her due day approached, and she gave birth to four boys and one girl, all by the grace of God. 

She admitted that taking care of five newborns at once was a burden, but she and her husband were content with their children. 

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Alexandra Kenova


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