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Teach children good behaviour from a young age (Opinion)

Our children will grow according to how we bring them up. It is important to instill good values in them from a young age. It is the duty of the parents to teach children the difference between right and wrong. Children should be thought ethics and morals.

It is important to train your child from a very young age. As parents we teach our children everything that they know. From the time that they are babies they learn from the adults around them. If we teach them manners and discipline from a very young age, maybe we will have more well behaved citizens in our society.

When we look around at how badly the youth behave, it makes us wonder if more could have been done to prevent this bad behaviour.

Obviously not everything that children do can be blamed on the parents, but it will be beneficial to take into account that when children are thought to be good from a very young age, then the probability of them growing to be decent adults increases exponentially.

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