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A lady who pays her 13-year-old son R21.45 per day to do these chores had people talking. See why

The child is almost entirely dependent on the mother, and this secure attachment with the mother serves as the foundation for a strong bond.

Chores teach children about what it takes to care for themselves, a home, and a family. They learn skills that will help them in their adult lives, such as meal preparation, cleaning, organizing, and gardening. A woman sparked outrage on social media after posting that her son receives 21 rand per day for doing chores. She then inquired as to whether she was a good mother. beside getting paid, as long as kids don't end up stressed. At the end of the day, a kid needs to have fun with other kids. It's a very good thing that she's not just teaching him housework but to know that nothing comes easy. You have to work for your money. Share your own opinion on this post. Don't forget to like and comment. 


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