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The secret island full of twins.

In the small village in Phillipines there is a small village that is full of twins.when women give birth they give birth by pairs.

People tried to ask and see,what could be the reason for all the women around this village to give birth to twins.they couldn't find answers because some people said ,it is because of the genes,others said it is because of the water that they drink and others said it is the banaNas that they eat while they are pregnant , Because the bananas they also comes with pairs.

Some twins are still young ,some are teenagers, some are old and some are in a rare conditions.but they are all twins despite on their conditions that they are in .

The twins that are old than all of them they are 89years olds .they said they don't think there's still twins that are in their age that are still left in the village.they are the only ones who are still alive.

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