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WARNING: Parents Be Careful, See What Leaked WhatsApp Chat Shows Little Kids Learn In Schools

WARNING: Parents Be Careful, See What Leaked WhatsApp Chat Shows Little Kids Learn In Schools.

The 21st century called the age of the millennials for a reason, asides being known for some good perks we know that these days parents prefer to spare the rod whilst their kids are let loose to do just anything both in school and at home. Sadly these all go on without knowing that these kids are being sold out to the wrong ways of living.

This is why the African and biblical ways of raising up a child is the best way to go about parenting. By using the right methods to build morals, inculcate discipline, hard work and teach the sense of responsibility in our kids.

However, no matter how much it seems we try to make sure our kids grow in the right direction. The society plays a huge role in either helping out or distracting them from the right path.

This we see in the kind of movies they watch, the types of music they listen to, the kind of gatherings they go to and most importantly the kind of mentors and teachers they have around them. Sadly most times the society finds ways to always win our young ones over.

A leaked WhatsApp conversation between two friends shows a big example of what our kids are learning from schools and their teachers. The chat which indicates that indeed the end times as prophesied in the Christian faith is really here, a time when anything goes.

According to the details in the chat, a woman was telling her friend that she would withdraw her children from their present primary school because of some viral pictures from a certain party organised for the school kids.

The other friend confirmed that indeed it's advisable withdraw the kids from that school to a better one, before the teachers would turn into paedophilic predators molesting these underaged kids.

Here's the chat below;


All parents should learn to get close to their wards, so as to make sure that these kids won't keep secrets from them. Just in case things like these happens, their kids won't hold back from speaking up.

This is because if the bond of parent to children isn't created, these kids would begin keeping secrets and furthermore won't confide in other people but family members who genuinely care about them.

Source: WhatsApp

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