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Why you should help your children fall in love with reading

The future is nothing other than the one filled with educated society, where law and order will be respected and tolerated. To achieve that sane society, it requires a strong foundation, where children will be tailored and nurtured in a way to suite up the society they represent.

At that, the foundation should not be the one that will be built on shaky level, but a standard one through the bending of the children to the line of reading. Where parent should start looking at, and not ordinary feeding and clothing of their children, they need to be made to read, and if possible forced to read.

Parent should not only know but as well understand that, reading is an incredibly beneficial habit to form as part of one’s life, and the sooner parent start their kids on books, the better for the future of the family and their society.

The more our child knows about the world and what is possible and about worlds that are not real but equally entertaining, the better building blocks they will have for their creative play and imagination.

Parent should start reading with their kids as early as possible, even before they are born. As they grow, parent should make sure to still hold on to the routine of reading together. This will build happy memories and form some very positive associations with reading.

It is an important and very serious task parent must carry out. And with this, it is necessary for the parents as well to update and upgrade their parenting skills and process, so as to have the best parenting journey with their children.

Reading is very difficult. Parenting is very difficult. But parent cannot run away from the task, it must be done and diligently delivered. It is where the future lies, and where the society will be relying upon.

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