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DLOZ'LAM | Stop Putting Hope On Relatives They Only Help With Burial Preparations Says Thembi


Thembi Nyathi is a spiritual person who helps many families regarding finding closure from the death of their loved ones,and guiding them spiritually on what to do .

She wrote on Instagram and said "Stop putting hope on relatives ,they only help in burial preparations ".

It is true,those people will never ever help you except when there is a funeral at your home ,that's when you will see them showing up in your life.

I remember one time,my mother passed away ,and my father had long passed way back in 2004 ,so just after my mom passed and we buried her ,all they wanted was to take everything my parents had worked hard for regardless of who is left behind.

Lucky enough my sister was old enough to understand what was happening as she went to school was very intelligent and full of wisdom.

All they cared for was my parents inheritance.

Soon after everything, they all disappeared and were never to be seen again in our lives up until today.

Let it be a lesson that not all your relatives will wish you well in life, some are just as happy to see you suffering day and night ,they will only show up when you are full of tears .

Sis Thembi is telling the truth, dont trust your relatives because some of them are part and parcel of the person that has died .

Always becareful and very vigilant of such kind of people in life .

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Thembi Nyathi


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