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Malema is Crazy Rich : See the School his Son Attends And How Much It costs per month

While it's understandable that you want the best for your child, it's not the only thing you wish for them. That's the goal of every good parent. However, not all families can afford to give their children the chance to participate in such activities. This is one reason why some families send their children to public school and others send them to a private school.

It's not a secret that Julius Malema's family has long relied on private medical and educational services.

Crawford High School is where the oldest Malem child attends.

More over 60% of the student body is white, making it one of the best private universities in the country.

Student athletes can take advantage of modern athletic facilities as well as trips to countries like the United States and France.

Higher education costs a lot of money.

There is an annual expenditure of R138 000 to send a student to high school.

When it comes to his children, Malema has stated that he will never send them to public schools again because of the terrible level of education they offer.

Due of the Corona outbreak, he wants public institutions like schools to be closed.

It's important to keep in mind that private schools have only existed for the past year, so although his son is getting an education, low-income children aren't.


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