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The different of kids raised by single parent to that raised by two parents

There are many challenges that the single parent do encounter while being single parent to raise children alone. Some of them are doing well despite the challenges a single parent came across. The more imperative is that any child needs his or her two biologically parents to raise him or her with dignity stability and trust, love. Yes there are those who manage to raise kids alone but if you ask them they will tell don't dare try it because it is overwhelming.

Mostly the kids raised by single parent tend to do bad in schools or not to archive lot of things in life compared to those raised by both parents . Best family structure play a role also ,because a child needs that love stability trust from both parents this make him or her to be proud of their parents. Unlike the one raised by single parent , heor she dont have confidence because his or her parental status.

Many of children who are in drugs today are those raised in the absence of the other biological parent, some of them turn into criminal activity due to hunger. Some became sex workers due to hunger.

Some of the kids don't perform well in school or never went to school because of their parents weren't together in raising them. For example if parent get divorced kids also do suffer because they must choose who they go with, this also hinder their progress at school.

factors that single parent do encounter

1 family instability if a single mom or father raises kids there lot of challenges like lack of respect , sometimes the single parent is overwhelmed by the pressures he or she get when raising the child alone.

2 porvety mostly if the single parent is women she may not have all the resources to raise kids, or the kids grow in poverty because of her financial status. Not every woman who got nice paying job to feed their children. For example only women report men to maintenance court this symbolize that many women are not having good jobs.

3 the absence of best family structure both parents presences make kids self esteem to be high and also concentration at schools. So the presence of both parents is needed to let kids grow together.

please dont hurt kids unity for the sake of kids happiness.


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