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Pregnancy period

6 Weird Things That Happen in the Female Body, Number Will Leave you in Disbelief- Opinion


Women were regarded to be a separate species from men in Ancient Greece because of the differences in their physical appearance and virtues, respectively. And, despite the progress made in civil rights, there are still many mysteries surrounding the female anatomy to be solved. 

Every opportunity we have at Black Media to bring you new facts and research regarding a big segment of our community is taken advantage of, and some of them may surprise even the most knowledgeable of individuals. 

1. Morning sickness is beneficial to future mothers. 

Scientists from the University of Colorado have discovered that morning sickness during pregnancy is actually a coping strategy that helps the embryo avoid toxins from the fish, meat, and poultry that the mother consumes during her pregnancy. Additionally, if you have morning sickness, it could be a sign of a healthy baby, as research from the Quantity Review of Biology has found that women who experience morning sickness have far lower chances of miscarrying. 

2. Women have exceptional hearing ability in the high-pitched range. 

Women are able to distinguish extremely high-pitched sounds from a very young age. A 1-week-old girl can already distinguish the sound of her mother's voice from the sobbing of a different child. While this ability can be useful in many situations, it is particularly valuable in identifying when others lie to you – women can detect even the slightest change in pitch in the voice caused by lying and can call individuals out on their lies when they do so. 

3. Females are "smarter" than males. 

Despite the fact that the male brain is larger in size, girls score approximately 3 percent higher on intelligence tests than males. 

6The difference in the structure of their cerebellum, as well as their ability to perform many tasks at the same time, is the result of this. This part of the brain is larger in females and has around 30 percent more nerve connections than it does in males, making it the most important part of the brain. 

4. The X chromosome is an important component of a healthy immune system. 

The X chromosome that is responsible for the birth of a baby girl, according to scientists at Gent's University, contains higher levels of micro-RNA, which helps to strengthen the infant's immune system and reduce the chance of cancer. 

5. Women are more resilient in the face of illness. 

Maya Saleh of the McGill University Research Centre on Complex Traits discovered that the hormone estrogen, which is found in higher concentrations in females than in males, is responsible for reducing the inflammatory response in the body. This means that women's bodies are more capable of dealing with disease more quickly and effectively. Estrogen also has the additional benefit of slowing the aging of the body, which means that women are more likely to live longer lives. 

6. PMS symptoms come and go with the passage of time. 

Females are significantly more prone to have PMS symptoms in their early adolescence and later in life than males, owing to the fact that these are the years during which the most significant hormonal changes occur. Headaches, skin changes, joint and muscle problems, and other symptoms are possible, but are not limited to these.

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