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Kgosi Mosielele request government to make paternity test compulsory on every child to avoid courts

This can be good enough, especially for South Africans. There are a lot of fathers that have their wives or their women that have been cruel enough to keep quiet with a big secret.

Their women have been cruel enough to let them raise children that are not theirs. You realise that a man have created a strong bond with these kids, and they can do anything for them. Only to find out, not from the women themselves, but by other sources that the children that they are raising they are not theirs or maybe only to find out that the father of the children has never been out of an affair with your woman.

Sometimes the father of the children will show up, because you know when you are still not to matured enough, you run away from responsibility. As the time goes on, you see the needy of having your children. You become desperate of having your children around you, and then you see a person going to that woman or to that family knowing very well that is putting his life at risk, but for his children he can do anything.

He now wants his kids, and it has been years another man raising them unaware they are not his, that is not fair. This is the reason why women end up getting killed, or even women themselves are killing men in order to bury their secret. Killing men first before they kill them, because they know that the moment they find out, there is going to be war. So this could be another way of reducing gender-based violence cases.

This could be another way of dealing with a gender-based violence issues. The killings that are happened between couples they are just inumerable. They are just undespicable. So this can be very helpful, a lot of people may try to object it, but it is a solution. There are women out there that are making a lot of men raising kids that are not theirs, and to them it has now become a lifestyle. They fall pregnant with the one that they love, then they let the one that they are using take responsibility, so this is necessary.

Kgosi Mosielele request government to make paternity test compulsory that every child should be tested at birth to avoid court cases

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