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Why you should encourage and not shunning your child questions

As a creature that is always curious of knowing new things, they always tend to ask question upon questions just for them to get clear of most things that is not clear to them.

Moreover, as children, they tend to question everything because everything seems to look new to them. Parent must have given their own parent’s plenty of headaches and pauses, asking them to explain where babies come from and the likes, and why is the sky blue. Parent here will get booze off and tired of those questions.

Nevertheless, they do not need to be tired and get boozed, rather they should see the loopholes where they can penetrate to install new creative ideas into the mind of those questioning kids.

Even still at that, those questions are definitely precise kinds of questions that can do a lot to boost creativity in those kids. It speaks volumes of their inquisitiveness, their curiosity, and general interest in the world activities, and they should be guided and provided with the precise and exact answer they may be needed.

When they come to you with a particular question, try to always provide an honest answer. If you do not have an answer, encourage them to find it on their own; that is if he or she is old enough, or make it a point to find the answer together, avoid given flimsy answer that can be misleading or misinforming.

This will teach them that questioning the world they live in is always a welcome activity, a skill they can benefit from a lot as adults.

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