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Pregnancy period

Meet a lady who became internet sensation because of her baby bump, gives birth to triplets.

Three children have been born to a pregnant woman who became an internet sensation as a result of her baby bump.

A pregnant mother went viral on the internet about a week ago when images of her growing baby belly were posted on social media sites such as Facebook. The woman's pregnancy bump piqued the interest of a large number of individuals, who shared her images on a variety of social media sites.

'Michella Meier-Morsi' is a Danish mother who has been identified. It was in 2018 that she had already become a mother to twins! Their first two daughters were born prematurely and she and her husband, Mark Morsi, assumed they were finished having children. However, life had other ideas for them.

A regular ultrasound revealed that Michella had multiples. When the technician discovered this, she began asking questions such as 'does she have a genetic tendency to have multiples or does her spouse have a genetic tendency to have multiples?" At that point, she recognized that she was carrying many children, but she had no idea she was carrying three sets of triplets at the time.

Her tummy began to protrude gradually, eventually becoming rather enormous. Because of her instagram page, she has been writing about her experiences since last year, but her photographs and stories have just recently begun to get a lot of interest on the internet.

Michella has been photographing her tummy since the day she found out she was pregnant in order to document the evolution of her pregnancy as it happens. Despite her efforts, her stomach continued to expand as if it had no intention of stopping. Once, the stomach appeared to be widely oblong and marked with veins in a striking manner.

Seeing as her images began to garner so much attention on the internet, many people were literally dangling from their chairs in anticipation of witnessing the magnificent arrival of the triplets. Her safe birth was also on the minds of many others who sent her well-wishing messages.

Michelle has finally put her three children to bed, as time would have it, and she has shared a lovely photo of them on her Instagram page. "My stomach is empty, but my heart and my arms have never been so full of love and pleasure," she said on her blog. Three days of getting to know everyone, figuring out routes, and suffering from severe sleep deprivation had been the most exciting..."

She also mentioned that the birth went far more smoothly than she had anticipated it would. She claimed that her postpartum pain and bruises were substantially greater this time around than they were the previous time. In the midst of this nightmare, I can't seem to shake it off. Fortunately, having three lovely lads on your chest makes it easier to fall asleep. The pleasure of having them all up at the same time has already come my way."

'2278, 2626, and 2775' grams,' she reported the weights of the children to be. Many people have expressed their heartfelt congratulations to Michella and her family in her Instagram comment box, which has been flooded with messages.

See her photos below 👇

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