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House of Zwide: Funani has one last idea about how to find out the truth about his daughter : See here

Faith warned Isaac that if Nkosi hear his voice or see his face he will go to jail. Isaac took his gun and sneak while his family were fast asleep. Remember it was during the night while every one had to be inside the house.

The following day the therapist was preparing to go to Zwide house for Nkosi's session. When she got in the car she suddenly saw a man wearing a baraglove pointing a gun to her, she got shocked and say don't kill me. She said you can take my belongings but don't kill me. Isaac said I promise my family that I won't kill any don't force me to kill you. The therapist called Funani to inform him that she can't come anymore, my colleagues advise me to drop the case maybe Nkosi was just dreaming.

The therapist hang up and Funani informed the whole family what the therapist to start said. Faith said we must drop all this since the therapist showed to be unprofessional. Funani said there are still chances that Zobuhle is still alive so I will be still continue to search her.

Funani called detective Mabaso to his office to ask him what really happened the night where my wife and my daughter were burnt on fire. Funani told him that maybe the bodies were not two maybe only one body in the fire. The detective said there were two bodies one was adult and other was a child, Funani told him that my son was also there. He said Nkosi saw the man who took Zobuhle, Detective Mabaso said with all due respect I don't understand how your son's dreams concerns me.

He asked Detective Mabaso if it is possible if that my daughter was not there when the house burned down.Funani told Faith that I won't leave any stone unturned until I know the truth, he also told her that he had a chat with Detective Mabaso about the fire. Funani said I know the truth.

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