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Child support grants must be cancelled with immediate effect and jobs must be created.[Opinion]

Many parents are misusing child support grants and that i think it is because of maybe they didn't work for it that is why they spent it in wrong places. And what breaks my heart is that some of them they are not maintaining their children with the money some they spend it on Alcohol, gambling cards and others their hair with the money while their children having torn shoes etc so it is not good at all.

So according to me they should cancel it with immediate effect and jobs must be created and I think if it could turn out that way, for me they won't misuse the money cause they will be working hard for it. President Cyril Ramaphosa should consider that so that poverty can be reduced and people could be able to feed their families and many have lost their jobs due to coronavirus situation, so sassa grants money should be taken out then create jobs with the money.

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