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Could This Article Explain Better The Answer To The Question Why YOUR FATHER WAS ABSENT IN YOUR LIFE.

Dear kids who have absent parents, especially the Father.


Some things are more Spiritual, than Physical. You need to dig deep to be able to view them Spiritually and not Physically.


See, a Father may be absent for different reasons.

 1. It can be part of your Mission.

2. It could be part of your father's Mission.

3. It could be your Ancestors using both of you, in the hope of one of you realising the bigger picture.


I know mom might've said some bad stuff about dad, but try searching deeper and you might see the good in it.


Lets say in your family (mother's side) you have a lot of cousins, uncles and aunts and Grandparents for instance, and within all those people, from parents to children, all of them are drunkards and can't manage money. If it's not that, it's the hate within the family, if it's not that, no one seems to be getting married, if it's not that, no one is Educated. Whats worse would be people being educated and be stuck at home with their Qualifications. It's not that there aren't no jobs, sometimes it's bigger than that and all one could possibly perceive is job scarcity.


Look, most families have Generational Curses they have to break, when you are born and your father abandons you and your mom, your mom's family raises you, and end up being your leading ancestors.


Sometimes you might be the help that they have been waiting for, you might be the One to break the Generational Curse.


So, instead of hating your Dad, try connecting with your Ancestors from your mother's side. Ask them with respect if there's anything you need to do to appease them? Usually it will be a yes, and you have to do what they require. After you have appeased your maternal side, than you can negotiate with them to also welcome your father's side of the family. You can find your way back to where you're from, which is your dad's family.


Generational Curses aren't Something thats simply worldly.


Generational Curses are Very destructive, they create:

 • Hate between Family members.

 • Jealousy between family members.

 • Witchcraft(Dark magic) within the family.

 • Bickering 

• A family with no peace, always fighting each other.

 • A habit of excessive drinking.

• No one has a balanced life.

• Marriages don't last.

 • Some can't have kids.

Please always remember, ancestors are not the same.



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