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A KZN man who is a father to 24 children encourage fathers to love & support their kids.


A KwaZulu Natal man who is a father to 24 children is in a campaign to encourage fathers to love and support their kids even those who are born out of marriage. Bongani Dludla 60 from KwaMaphumulo, KwaZulu Natal who is a husband to 3 wives told a Zulu published newspaper Isolezwe that he gives love and support to all his children. 

Isolezwe reports that Dludla said he is blessed to have 24 kids and he wants more.

“My eldest child is 32 years and the youngest is going to be 2 years. I have got 24 children now, but if we include those who passed on, I have 31 children. I love big family. Its important to support your child. I don’t like these men who go around make women pregnant and forget about their children. I love and support my children the same way”, Dludla said.

Dludla enjoys having 3 wives but says if you want to have more than one wife you must be sure that you are able to love and support them. 

“I got my children from 6 women and I married three of them I m still planning to marry others. If you want children you must make sure that you are going to be able support and feed them together with their mothers. As men we need to teach each other to support our children. We must not allow a situation where there are kids that do not have fathers”, he said.

He said it is a fact that food is expensive but he makes sure that each and every month his children have got food.

“I am a business person I run a shop. I wake up at 5 O’ in the morning every day to go and work for my kids. I work hard every day”, Dludla said. Asked his secrete about raising so many children Dludla said the secrete is to lay down the law. Children must know what they want in life. They must not go around listening to people and things that are done in other homestead. I also encourage my kids to love one another and I want them to be educated.

Dludla’s eldest son Halalisani, a twin to Halalisile said he is very proud of his father and the way he supports them in life.

“My father encourages us to grow together as one family. If he makes a woman pregnant he marries her in that way we become one family. It is nice we are a big family”, said Halalisani. He said they are 11 boys and 13 girls.


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