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Infertility can be prevented or avoided

Infertility can be prevented in males as most men suffers from it. Infertility comes in different ways as some men are born infertile, inherited it from their forefathers, and others acquired this disability while growing up. The good news is that infertility can be avoided if only men do the right things. It's each and every men's dream to have one or two kids of his own before dying.

Studies reveals that, one can be born fertile and become infertile while growing up because of the things he practices in his daily life, such as exposing his private parts to high heat, such as fire or heater and also wearing tight underwears or skinny trousers of jeans as they hold testes close to the abdominal cavity that have high temperatures than normally required temperature.

Male testes needs lower temperature than body temperature either to generate and produce normal yellowish sperms that are fully developed, that have got head with acrosome, neck with mitochondria, middle piece and tail that helps and gives sperms more energy to swim faster to the human ovaries that are placed in the fallopian tubes and ready for fertilization. Underdeveloped spermatid can't reach the female eggs or ovaries, it may happen that they do not have a head to bust the egg or they do not have a tail to help them reach the ovaries and that leads to a man not being able to produce kids of his own.

Good news are that, this can be avoided by men if they do exactly as the Life science studies says. They need to avoid wearing tight underwear, skinny trousers or jeans and exposing their private parts to high temperatures. Lucky are those who went to school and got these lessons, others are still on their ways and they will get this information in details.

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