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The plot has failed for our girls

It's infuriating how young girls destroy themselves.  Some girls have lost their desire to be creative, inspired, or imaginative. 

They seem to exist in the present, as though there is no future.  They spend their days thinking about the next dance, what they'll drink and wear, and who will pay for it. 

Men can buy you any amount of alcohol they want in order to get you drunk and exploit you. 

Alcohol is a leading cause of traffic accidents, underage pregnancy, HIV and other STIs, and it may even be used by evil men to rape children. 

Kidnappers and human traffickers prefer to prey on vulnerable, inebriated women. The brain is also harmed by alcohol.

It's much worse when a young girl's brain is still growing and she drinks a lot of alcohol. 

The issue is that in South Africa, drinking has become a way of life. 

When you don't drink alcohol, you're seen as a bore and a misfit. 

It's important to note that women are the most dominant beings on the planet. 

Investing in their education will have a positive impact on society and the economy. As beneficial as alcohol is to the economy, it is also harmful to our youth's future.

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