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Pregnancy period

Meet The Elderly Woman Who Reportedly Helps Women Conceive By Massaging Their Wombs


Pregnancy is divided into three stages that must be completed before delivery may take place: Conception/germinal stage, embryonic stage, and foetus stage are the stages that occur throughout this process. The first stage occurs when the egg is fertilised in the Fallopian tube, which connects the ovary to the uterus. The second stage occurs when the egg is fertilised in the fallopian tube. The next step is when the egg goes down to the uterus, where it will begin to develop into an embryo.

Because to the location of the fallopian tube and the womb, it is possible that pregnancy will not occur. In place of meeting the woman's egg and becoming fertilised in the fallopian tube, the male gamete travels to another part of the body. As a result, unless everything is in place, the process will be fruitless.

The process of conception is understood by an elderly woman from Warri, Delta State, who assists ladies in becoming pregnant by massaging the wombs of the women she aids. A few months ago, she agreed to an interview with BBC News Pidgin, and she goes by the name Mama Mary Igrakpata. Mama Mary shared her experience in assisting many ladies in preparing their wombs for conception.

Mama Mary has lived for more than 100 years, and many women have attested to how she has assisted them in resetting their wombs. She may not be familiar with all of the scientific words (fallopian tube, uterus, ovaries, and so on), but Mama Igrakpata is well aware of how the first stage of pre-natal development, known as a Germinal phase, functions.

The following is an excerpt from an interview with BBC News Pidgin conducted with a patient of Mama Igrakpata who identified herself only as 'Stella': "My name is Stella, and I came here to meet Mama for massage because I'm looking for a kid." Although the womb massage is extremely beneficial, it is not well known. It was via this message that I was successful in giving birth to one kid, and now I'm back for another.

Process of traditional womb setting massage by Mama Mary

I came here for the first time and Mama massaged me and discovered that my womb was not in the proper place. She rubbed my tummy for approximately 5 minutes before telling me she will move the womb into the proper place. My period came the next month after she done it three times."

Then she went on to describe how Mama assisted her in returning her womb to its proper place. As she was massaging the woman's womb, Mama Mary saw that the right side of her belly was free, but the left side was obstructed. To get the womb back into the proper position for conception, she had to massage it.

She is almost 100 years old, yet she told the BBC that she has assisted many ladies in Warri State to conceive through the use of womb massage. There is no question that many individuals in her area will benefit from her efforts.

Medical professionals, on the other hand, recommend that couples always go to a regular hospital first to find out why the lady is not conceiving. Also warned of are any possible infections to which the lady may be exposed as a result of the procedure.

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