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South African Mother And Daughter Photo Challenge That Left Mzansi Speechless - OPINION

There are some occurances which seem to be mind blowing and sound like they're taking place out of this world.

In more than a single occurance of events, girls get pregnant and have children who are old enough to be their sisters.

Through twitter, a tweet came from a woman who posted some snaps with herself and her daughter with an unsuspicious nature.

The reaction of people in regard to the post was full of disgruntlement and lack of praise because they said the mother and daughter looked the same, and seems as though there was no difference in age.

Obviously, the mother was pregnanted at young age, but people accused her of having someone's child. She appears no older than her daughter, like a mother and daughter, clearly showing visible age difference.

Getting to the most interesting point, we must let common sense lessen the burden by realising that not every woman or girl can have their kids when they are mature enough or older.

Remember not to get lost along the way, if they get older they will have fewer chances of conceiving. With advice coming from health experts it is advisable to have children as early as possible to avoid being told that you can't have kids because of your eggs.

What do you think of this topic? Are the two look alike? Comment below, like and share with others.

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