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In Shock: Look what a father found in his daughter school backpack

The father left people with unanswered questions after he shared what he had just found in his daughter’s school backpack. It is clear that children need constant guidance because they may expel themselves from school because of mistakes that can be corrected by a caregiver.

 Previously mourning, the father took his daughter to school and naturally told her to open her daughter’s school backpack and find only one alcoholic cider, and the poor child considered it blood "Thank God we checked his backpack this morning. He said he thought it was blood..But I don't trust him" as the father.

 People share their thoughts in the comment section. Many people also say that these days unreliable kids “Like juice but he knows what he’s doing” jokingly said by a Twitter user. “But it looks like it,” as one Twitter user said. A lot of people don’t trust this girl “Thinking it’s juice meh..because looking at her face, nami I don’t trust her” as a Twitter user.

Source: Twitter

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