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Remember The Woman Who Gave Birth To 8 Children At Once? See How Much She Has Transformed

Many of us recall Nadya Suleman, the second woman to shock the world after the Chukwus in 1998, when she gave birth to eight children at the same time.

She gave birth to her eight children in 2009, and her maternity pictures went viral on the internet at the time due to the size of her baby bump. I believe the word "colossal" is appropriate.

According to medical records, Nadya was able to accomplish this incredible feat with the aid of IVF, in which the embryos were implanted in her after fertilization.

Looking at her pictures during the days of her heavy pregnancy, it was clear that Nadya had gained a lot of weight and appeared depressed and tired.

Well, it's been over 11 years since she was born, and I'm sure some of you are curious about her current appearance.

This woman took the time to work out and lose weight while pregnant, and her body transformation is impressive.

Take a look at how she looked when she was eight months pregnant.

Take a look at how much this beautiful mom transformed after 11 years of giving birth to Octuplets.

Now take a look at this lovely mom showing some skin in her bikini while at the beach

What a Transformation

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