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Pregnancy period

Early age pregnancy myths

I still wanna continue with those things that are believed to be myths but they're not.

I wanna touch the issue of "early age Pregnancy " 

Some of y'all might've heard that in the olden times, female children were not allowed to eat eggs but never heard the reason behind .

Firstly: for a chicken to have eggs mating has to take place..then the egg will produce chicks ,that's the role of eggs(to produce)

So imagine what will happen after feeding a little girl eggs in the long run.

Her sexual feelings will mature at an early age because of the effect of the eggs she's been eating all along..& when sexually feelings mature early , fertility also increases.

Her adolescence stage will be a bit advanced & that will make her to have an interest in intimacy .And once she does interact(unprotected), chances of being pregnant gets high..even if at that age being pregnant isn't yet thought of.

Okay My point is that the consumption of eggs may come up with unexpected events on these little girls in the long run.

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