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Effects of over and under involvement of parent in children's life

Many parent have lost the bearing of the parenting skills and process it should take. They believe in giving order all around as a parent whom their child will not want to disobeyed.

Little do they know that giving order on what to do and what not to do have a limitations. Still at that limitations, there must be regulations as not to be too far from the reality of what those child should know and as well too lagging behind of the skills they should have.

A child may have the uninvolved parent who is obviously neglectful, and failing to respond to the child’s needs beyond the basics of shelter, food, and clothing provision.

On the other hand, while not as damaging as a neglectful style, an over involved parent can also cause more harm than good by taking control of decisions and doing too much for their child, hindering them from learning by doing things on their own.

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