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Very Rich: Meet Patrice Motsepe sister who is also a Billionaire (PHOTOS)

It is true when they say it is important as a father to be a role model to your children, as kids are more likely to follow in their parents' footsteps. Children learn at home and from their parents. The reason most children from rich families are more likely to succeed is because of how they are raised and taught what they must do by their parents in order to succeed.

The above statement applies to the Motsepe family as well. Hence, his children reciprocated everything the father did. The late Motsepe used to own multiple businesses, meaning that Motsepe's sisters had reciprocated everything she had done.


Besides Tshepo Motsepe, who is the current first lady of the country, Patrice Motsepe has another sister by the name of Bridget Motsepe Radebe. She is married to the former minister in the presidency, Jeff Radebe, and they have three children. Many people did not know that she was from the Motsepe family, since she had been introduced by her marriage surname, Radebe.


Bridget Radebe is the older sister of Patrice Motsepe and the younger sister of Tshepo Motsepe Ramaphosa. As stated above, she is currently married to Jeff Radebe. Just like his brother Patrice, Bridget is also a successful entrepreneur and one of the richest women in South Africa. She is also into mining and energy like her brother. As per reports, she is a billionaire who is said to be worth R11 billion Rand, making her one of the most successful and richest women in the country.


The Motsepe family is blessed with a family of billionaires. Wealth runs in the blood of the family, and with all the wealth they have, they are not stopping to work hard. When they say, "Be a role model to your children," I believe it is worth a shot.




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