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Father Drives Off With a Baby On Top Of the Car - OPINION

Alot of things can happen when you have a newborn baby. Some even tend to forget that they have a baby. This article serves as a warning to be more cautious when you have a baby.

In this video you see a dad coming out of the holding a baby house straightfrom the house. He fet a phone call distracting him to put his baby on top of the car.

He get distracted and leaves the baby on top of the car, he walks towards the drivers seat. He has totally forgotten that there's a baby on top of the car.

The dad start up the car and drives off. He reverse the car, while still on the phone with baby on top of the car. He drives to the road, someone in the house notices.

The brother runs out of the house to try and stop the dad but it was too late because he is already gone. One hour later, the dad comes back, the baby still on top of the car.

Luckly no one was hurt, during this video. If you saw something like this would you help our. It always wise to check your surroundings when there's a child around because anything can happen.

The baby wasnot real, it was a doll. The video was used for illustration and caution purposes especially men.


Content created and supplied by: Andrina.Ndaba (via Opera News )


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