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Hot Moms: Which is the mom, can you tell?

It's very uncommon for daughters to look like their mothers, but they're usually viewed as a younger version of their mothers. In certain situations, though, moms appear to be so young and fresh that it's difficult to tell them apart.

The photos that follow demonstrate that if you keep your heart young and take good care of yourself, you may one day look as youthful as your children!

1. Triplets, for starters

What do you think of these triplets? Guess who's the mother of these twins? The lady on the left! Isn't it crazy?

2. Are you serious?

In these photos, try to figure out who is the mother. It's the lady with the bun, we know it's hard to tell.

3. A Famous Mother

Reese Witherspoon is one of those Hollywood women that looks identical to her offspring. See how similar they are, and how young she appears?

4. Best friends

When your mother is your best friend and appears to be your age, we call that amazing genes!

7. Surprising

You might be able to discern who the mother is in the middle, but could you predict she's 63 years old? Her daughters are 41 years old (on the right) and 36 years old (on the left) (left). Incredible!

8. Clone This mother may have discovered how to clone herself! But I'm not sure which of the two she is!

5. Similar to Mother Demi Moore and her daughter, for example, seem like twins, especially when they're dressed alike!

9. Siblings

Not only do these girls have similar face features, but they also have similar eyes, hair color, and hairstyles! Which of these possibly be the mother?

10. No flaws

Both of these females have the same beautiful complexion and natural beauty, and it's difficult to tell them apart. Are you able to identify any differences?

11. Makeup-Free

The best images are those with no makeup on, since that's where true beauty can shine. In this situation, the mother and daughter

Sweet Lady No. 12

This 15-year-old and her mother have such a striking resemblance that they could be mistaken for sisters. We're sure it doesn't disturb them at all!

13. Thrilling

Wow! These two have such a striking resemblance that it's almost frightening! Would you be able to distinguish between them?

14. A Contented Family

This is a joyous family occasion. This lady is 38, and her older daughter is 17. It's also proof that having children at a young age has long-term benefits.

15. There is no way!

Mother and daughter are the two women in this picture. We have no idea who the mother is, and we probably won't find out!

16. Well done!

This mother has done an incredible job and has passed on wonderful genes to her kid! I have no idea which is which!

Sweet Moments (17.)

Aren't these mother-daughter moments just the cutest? If you're curious, the mother (43) is on the right.

18. Prom Gown

When you're shopping for prom dresses with your daughter and everyone gets confused and gives you outfits to try on! I still have no idea which one is which!

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