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The Principal Is Risking Our Children’s Lives, Said The Parents

Principal is risking our children’s lives said the parents, it is truly unclear why the parents are basically crying out about the children and are saying something like this which seems to be a little bit extreme.

This is news coming out of Raikana primary school in Block P, Soshanguve had a school trip to Pretoria and learners were paying R250 each. It seems to be a little bit extreme that these children are paying such exorbitant amounts of money for transport just to get to school, and this is something that is incredibly devastating and concerning perhaps the teachers think that they can make money on the side using these learners.

On the day of the trip which was yesterday, parents were shocked to learn that only one bus was called to transport the learners, which were over 180 the bus also had a tire puncher but insisted on taking the trip. Upon learning about this injustice, we can even understand why their parents are putting up a protest because it is completely extreme. That they are dealing with such incidents they cannot be dealing with such incidents because they have to survive, and they are the future so it doesn't make sense that they are subjected to these practises.

Parents said that they complained, but the principal assured them that another bus was coming, so they can go home and relax. But it is quite clear that they were trying to save money perhaps the money that they were going to use to pay off the other bus, and that is why their parents are quite concerned about their children they cannot be subjected to such things when they have paid the full price.

That being said, the learners took the trip while congested and overloaded with a bus that had tire punch. This is very concerning because if the accident happened and their children got hurt, someone is going to be held liable for putting the children in danger.

We can rest assured that their parents are definitely not going to be happy with the fact that the learners were subjected to such practises on their watch, the teachers have to make sure that these students are taken care of.

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