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Funny Picture of the other side of parenting that they never tell you about, kids being kids

Parenting is a joy and a gift that you will never truly understand until you raise a child. It is about ups and down but knowing at the end of the day you love that little soul to death.

It is about first walks, first smile, first word and all about first that make your life worth living until they just become well disastrous.

For all the best times and good looks posted there are worse parts that we never get to witness from the outside, when the kids become little monster and they are just unruly.

There is exhaustion when you are parenting and sometimes you just want to give up and feel like someone should just take over from you and then they do something that just makes your heart skip a bit and feel like you can do it all over again.

But don't be fooled kids are monster and they are little demons but you just need them in your life no matter what.

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