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Pregnancy period

Check Out How Sugar Is Used To Run Pregnancy Test At Home.

Did you know you can use white sugar to run pregnancy test at home without going to the doctor or clinic? You might think it needs experience to do it but with the correct guideline for beginners you will come right.

Have you been trying to conceive and you don't know if you did conceive or what? You can cut it short my buying home pregnancy test from retailers or do this experiment.

Things you will need

White sugar

A clean cup

First morning urine

This may not be 100% or perfect but you can have fun in doing it because it's easy and simple to do. There's no science behind this in the instance that sugar will react on HCG level found in your urine.

Now that you have things to do this, let's get to it with the following instructions.

Pour few teaspoons of white sugar on a clean cup, use the first urine in the morning when your hormones are secreted to your urine. This is normal for everyone to have hormones on urine, this is where it come to a point that first urine in the morning is strong to be picked up by test kits.

Wait for few seconds to 2 minutes to see reaction. You will spot bubbles like of gas when reaction takes place.

Negative test

No reaction at all or you might have done the test as early as possible.

Positive test

This is when you see the sugar showing chunks or forms clams. If you are pregnant the sugar won't dissolve like it would normally do. Remember you don't not stir like you are making a tea or coffee.

This is not scientifically proven, this is only the old wife tales used to be done at home. There are many beliefs around pregnancy from. knowing you are pregnant to determining the gender of the baby without going for test and sonar.

Expects suggests woman should not take sugar pregnancy test as it doesn't have science evidence that it works. It doesn't have evidence that it will also give accurate results and sugar will react during this test.

If you do remember or knows that this have worked before, do it. For beginners should go to the clinic when they think they are pregnant and have been experiencing symptoms like Nausea, vomiting, cravings elevated and missed your period for at least 6 weeks ever since your last cycle.


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