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Mnakwethu: Samantha shades MaMchunu as she suggests Qondanisa must do a DNA test on their children

This week on Mnakwethu I was interested to see the follow up after Samantha's bold declaration that she didn't know who the father of her child was, I wanted to know what the fall out would be in the end and I was quickly satisfied.

Qondanisa came for a visit but it wasn't an amicable one.

He came filled to the brim with complaints already. He had a problem with the locked gate at the house she was staying in. Before they could get into THAT conversation he irritated her with that inquiry. It deepened swiftly when he suddenly, from out nowhere declared that he wanted a DNA test.

I suspected that this wasn't out of nowhere behaviour was because MaMchunu had confessed her sister wife's secrets. But then I realised that she doesn't even like her husband herself, it would be out of character to do that. Qondanisa is really jealous of Diaz.

Once he broached the subject Samantha stormed inside, declaring that if he needs a DNA test he must test his children with MaMchunu as well. It wasn't the most rational response to his words but he was unfettered as he declared she would have to cleanse his family for the disrespect if the child wasn't his.

Personal Thoughts

I feel like Samantha just threw her sister wife under the bus here. Unlike her, MaMchunu actually keeps her business to herself so to air her out that way would not be cool. Clearly there is some infidelity going on all sides of this three person marriage and it must be the name of the game.

Polygamy to me, is a messy room and whoever tries to clean it ends up leaving a bigger mess. There is a murky energy involved because its conception is based on lust and not logic. These relationships always take a turn for the worst.

What do you think? Did Samantha just out MaMchunu or was it just a stunned reaction? Let me know in the comments...💬

Thank you for your time!

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Source: Mnakwethu on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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