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Parents, check your children - See this dangerous mixture they are drinking

Gauteng safety MEC, Faith Mabuza is on a mission to create a safer environment in schools. The MEC has embarked in a campaign in which she visits schools with cops and they search the children to check if they don't bring dangerous weapons to school.

On Thursday the MEC was shocked when she arrived at Kitso Primary school in Evaton to adress school safety issues. Teachers at the school showed her a mixture of Allergex syrup they found on a grade 7 learner. Apparently kids drink this mixture to get a high. They mix it with Sprite and share it among themselves. "It is very dangerous, please guard against kids using it," the MEC said. Users mix an entire bottle of cough syrup into a soft drink, usually Sprite or Coke, and add Allergex, Disprin or any over-the-counter sleeping pill.

According to some people, this isn’t new and high school kids are worse. These children don’t even hide it anymore amd it's disgusting how our youth can learn the wrong things from the Western world. If a drastic action isn’t taken the blame will be pushed to foreigners. A Twitter user who says she lives closer to the school says drugs are the order of the day in that school. "That school is not far from my place, it's in Zone 3, Sebokeng, next to Evaton," she said. The problem of drugs is out of hand, in Diepkloof, crystal meth is becoming a lifestyle, she adds.

Drug abuse is a serious concern in local schools. When schools are focusing only on academic, nothing will come right. No morals, no discipline, no physiological therapy only teachers with too much work. Maybe each school must have a social worker. The future of our country is at risk, we really need to bring back morality and strong community and family bonds. This country is beautiful but its falling apart we have no moral fiber!

Meanwhile, MEC Mazibuko says she will be working closely with the education department to deal with the matter of drugs at local schools.


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