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Leaked chat between father and daughter left people in stitches after they saw this

It was during the chat that the father asked the daughter if they were mistreating her in any way. The father clearly missed his daughter, but he didn't say it out loud. Instead, he started looking for possible reasons why the child didn't come home.

"He's so funny, please. She asked: "Why can't he say we miss you?" It was sad for a lot of people. Why did they wonder why the girl had not seen her parents in December, since it was a holiday for most people? She couldn't say.

Having parents is a good thing, so kids should try to visit their parents as often as they can because we only have a short time on this earth. The father didn't say he missed his daughter because many men don't know how to say how they feel.

Even when they are adults, men are taught to be tough. There is a good chance that the girl will see her parents soon, because they clearly miss her.


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