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How to make children to love reading books

Obviously stated, it is a common thing now that, many children are book sick, only God know why they are, but parent must not be lacking in the pursuit of the future of their children, and which can only be achieved through reading.

So, parent have much work to do in that respect of their children sicken of reading books.

Parent at this point should focus on different types of books that can interest their children: those that come as recommended reading for their respective age, and the books that they want to read in major to their aspiration.

Making them read only what they feel they have to and that can sometimes take the fun out of that activity, so leaving few rooms for personal preference is key in reading culture.

Parents can as well improvise some reading comprehension workbooks that will help their child develop their vocabulary and storytelling skills, and help them better understand the material they have been immersed in.

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