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Husband and wife relationship

"I allow my wife to have children with another man and I can raise them" 51 year old man reveals


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It has been revealed that there is a what is a 51 year old man who got married for the second time and having had a vasectomy, he revealed that he sometimes thinks of his wife conceiving of another man, and he says that he can allow such an actor from his wife because he loves her and he will always be there for her.

He said that he is willing to take care of any child that his wife could conceive of, ever since you can not give a child to the woman, he says that in order to make her be happy always, he will allow her to conceive of another man, he explained that he will be happy for his wife who is at her 28 years old to fall pregnant by someone else.

"I have gone through the same are you in my head already", he explained. "I will not have a problem raising another man's child and loving another man's child with my wife, this will be the ideal scenario, she hooks up with some guy and end up being in a long-term relationship with her, then gets pregnant by him and now as I have introduced uncle Jimmy here, in all honesty they can keep the long term relationship". He said.

"Because in terms of biology I also want to make sure I understand what what is in my kids blood, so Joe clarified this month he will even be content for his wife's lover to remain within the family dynamic, after the child was born so you know what keep uncle Jimmy around and my wife can keep seeing him", he added.

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He went on saying that because it is part of his fantasy and also part of the necessity side of things. As a reader what do you think about this world you say that the man is in saying or would you say that he is well.

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