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Fetching your kids from the groove is better than identifying the body. This woman was appreciated

At the beginning of the month, woke tweeps were bashing a mother who fetched her child at a club around midnight. Today, 22 school kids died in a tavern at Enyobeni in East London

Our parents know what’s best for us, not libertarians in social media, nobody foresaw this but if parents were still strict on their children not to be in these places especially at night, none of them would be dead

truth is, people still hit their children even today & face the consequences. The point is, you can’t just cry “they have rights” & do nothing to save them. Especially us black people, we know how we were raised & we know how that protected us.

The Enyobeni tavern disaster story is proof that, the parenting-style that fetches under age kids from groove while risking their embarrassment is far better than woke parenting...💁‍♂️

(Sad story💔)

We are indeed failing as a collective society. Tavern owner should not have sold alcohol to under age kids. Parents should have tried to block their kids from this. Adults in the club should have called the police when they saw kids drinking in the tavern. Failure all over.

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