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After getting paid for the first time as an engineer, this is what he did for his Mom

There is a Swati proverb says: "Kutala kutelula" meaning that giving birth has a positive outcome. This proverb is usually said by a mother or anyone when a child has done a good thing to his/her parent. There's nothing exciting as to see a parent being thankful for what her son did for her as a gift of being a good mother to him/her.

As I was busy scrolling into my Instagram feed, I bumped into this other post where by they've shared a picture of a mother and son, the mother holding a bunch of flowers filled with R100 notes and a bontle of champagne given by her son. The son on the picture is holding a small book and a paper board written: "Dear mom, I am an engineer".

The person who shared the post captioned the post thus: "I've seen pictures of flowers stacked with money to be given to girlfriends ... here's the changer 💪💪 ...❤❤❤". Almost everyone was surprised with what this guy has just done for his mother, and the comments were like: "You are such a good son to your mother, God bless you", "a mother's love is unmatched and nobody will love you like your mom, I respect you for what you're doing king!!".

Anyway, check out some of the comments below:

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Kutala kutelula Swati


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