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Meet 2 Men Who Successfully Gave Birth To Children (Photos)

Medical techniques such as gender reassignment surgery, among other breakthroughs, have made it possible for guys to become pregnant and bear children. Two examples of men who were successful in their endeavors to conceive children are shown below.

1. Thomas Beatie

After becoming the world's first male parent in June 2008, Thomas Beatie, a 47-year-old public speaker from the United States, garnered international notice for his achievement

The artificial insemination method, which is a medical process, was used by Thomas Beatie in order to create a child for his wife. At the time of this writing, he is the father of four young children.

2. Kayden Coleman

As a 34-year-old trans person, Kayden Coleman had his first parental role in 2014 when he gave birth to his kid, who was named after his grandfather. According to a story published by Metro, Kayden Coleman revealed how he was offered an abortion by a number of doctors who were deceived by his gender and performed the procedure.

After becoming a parent, Kayden Coleman is now the proud father of two girls, Azaelia and Jurnee, who are the pride and pleasure of his life.

Should men be allowed to have children? Should men be allowed to have children?

What are your thoughts on this subject, in your opinion?

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